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6 tips for plant care during spring

Spring is coming and all the PLNTSparents are probably very excited to see their babies grow. It is the ideal season for multiple varieties of plants to open up to the world but it’s also the perfect season for you as a plant parent to express your love and care. We all notice how fresh, green and colorful nature becomes during spring and it’s not random. Spring offers the best conditions for all the plants to start flourishing, transforming the whole dull, brownish landscapes into green and bright refreshing ones. But with spring also comes some obstacles that could have the opposite effect on your babies. So, PLNTSparents listen up, here’s how to keep your plants thriving during spring.

Tip 1. Fertilise your plants

Fertilisers are for plants what multivitamins are for humans; taking them is not necessary but very recommended. You want your baby to be as strong as it can be, make sure to give it all the nutrients it needs. Start with little doses in the early spring and gradually increase it as you get into the summer. On this page, our PLNTSdoctor tells you everything about plant nutrition.


Tip 2. Watering your plants

Now that they’re fed well, they will probably also feel a little more thirsty. Don’t forget to water your plants a little bit more than usual but make sure to adjust to your plants to avoid overwatering them. Just keep an eye on your plants and be aware of dry potting soil and scorched leaves! If you see this, try to adapt your watering frequency. Always check your plants’ soil with your finger to see if it needs a sip of water. You can also use a water meter for this!


Tip 3. Dust off your plants’ leaves

Take it as part of your annual deep spring cleaning and make sure to dust off the leaves of your plants so they can breathe fresh air again. The leaves are the parts where the plant exercises many functions and having their pores clogged reduces its efficiency in operations like photosynthesis. So, grab that damp cloth and wipe them off quickly.

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##Tip 4. Keep your plants close to fresh air but out of the sun

The outdoor weather is always a little bit tricky when it comes to plants so you have to be careful when you put your plant in such an unpredictable environment. Did you know that plants can get sunburns too? Besides the leaves getting burned, your plant also can easily dry out and that’s now what we want.. And don’t forget: always be careful and logical with watering; if it rained, your plant doesn’t really need much water, right?


Tip 5. Re-pot your plants

Your baby is growing fast, it’s time to get them a bigger pot(not too big though). Your plant has been eating, drinking, breathing and getting tanned just perfectly. Naturally, it’s growing at its best form. Make sure to put it somewhere comfortable but also beautiful. Lucky you, there are plenty of beautiful pots!. Either you’re looking for neutral, ceramic, colorful, fun… pots, we have all you need to make your plant (and yourself)happy and fit your vibe! :)

Tip 6. Trim, prune and curate your plants

The winter season can be very harsh on some of your plants leaving them with some dead leaves or growths that you can cut back using special scissors. Spring is the perfect occasion to trim or prune your plant because it’s its growing season.


Remember, those are only general tips. Every type of plant has its own characteristics and you should do more specific research about it.

Have the best Spring with your PLNTS!!

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06 agosto 2023
Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!