Biodegradable Seedling Pots

Biodegradable Seedling Pots

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Biodegradable Seedling Pots ()
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Want to grow a tiny seed or baby cutting into a beautiful adult plant? Then these pots are a must-have. The seedling pots are 100% organic and biodegradable, and they even make the soil more fertile as they break down into humus, which has a positive effect on the growth of young plants. Any growing plant will feel at home in these wood fibre pots. Moreover, the roots get a chance to grow right through the sides of the pot, so no root problems when repotting, the seedling pot can just go into the bigger pot! :) We have some great seeds to start with, Fern, Nicolai and Arabica. This product contains 24 seedling pots with a diameter of 6 cm.