Saxifraga  Tricolor

Baby  Saxifraga Tricolor

Strawberry Saxifraga


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    About this plant

    The Saxifraga Tricolor has adorable rond, sculpted leaves. These leaves have a green centre and a pink outer edge. Her pink starts off a bright magenta and fades into a baby pink colour when her leaves mature. This makes her the perfect addition to your pink plant collection! 

    This cutie has the ability to grow babies, she grows string-like stems and on the bottom of this string a baby Saxifraga Tricolor will grow. This gives her a special look, but also the opportunity to grow these babies into a new plant! Is this pink cutie something that you like? Buy Saxifraga Tricolor online.

    • Diameter6cm
    • Height±10cm
    • LovesPartly shady
    • Care levelEasy
    • BenefitsAir cleaner
    • Pet friendlyNon-toxic

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!