Pon Mineral Plant Substrate

Pon Mineral Plant Substrate

3 liter


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    Lechuza Pon is a substrate made of high-quality, mineral rocks that are free of harmful substances. The substrate consists of 45% water and 55% air. Not only is this the ideal ratio for plants, it also reduces susceptibility to disease. Pon's air-permeable structure remains even after years of use! As a result, you don't, yes indeed, don't need to replace the substrate. How great is that? An advantage of this substrate is that it does not provide a breeding ground for pests such as the mourning fly, as they only nest in soil. Another is that Pon is easily spreadable, this makes it convenient to fill the plant pot without spilling. Talking about the Pon granules, they are purely organic and completely biodegradable. They contain Zeolite and this substance ensures an optimal PH value in the substrate, which contributes to healthy plant growth. All the ingredients in Pon together ensure an even distribution of nutrients in the root zone. The substrate behaves as a buffer, as it absorbs excess fertilisers and releases them only when needed. As a result, the nutrients in the substrate nourish for about 6 months.

    Ingredients Pon: Zeolite, German washed pumice, German lava rock and top-quality coated fertiliser granules.

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