Pest control combideal: fungus gnats

Pest control combideal: fungus gnats

Felti + Sticky leaves

Available from: 06/25/2024

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Product review

Pest control combideal: fungus gnats ()
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This product is currently only available for shipping to the BENELUX, DE, FR, AT and DK. To ensure that this product arrives in good health, this product is only shipped on Wednesdays*.

Are you troubled by all these tiny flying creatures in your urban jungle? Then you have a fungus gnat infestation. Felti is here to fix your problem in a natural way.

This Steinernema feltiae (Felti), the natural enemy of the fungus gnat, to the rescue! They are living soil organisms, as they occur in nature and help nature. So when you use these rescuers, you are using the natural way, which is a nice idea! By the way, they are so small that you will not see anything moving or living in the water or in your potting soil.

We also included our cute, but efficient sticky leaves. These can be placed in the soil next to your plants and will attract the little flies. Now you are dealing with the problem in your soil and in the air, which must resolve your fungus gnat problem pretty quickly!

*We ship orders for the organic pest control once a week on Wednesdays. Because the animals are sent alive, we will pass on the exact numbers on Monday morning that we need for orders from the week before. This means that if you order on Friday, your package will be shipped next Wednesday. After the pesticide is delivered fresh by our supplier on Wednesday morning, we send it to you within a few hours. Because this product must be delivered quickly due to its shelf life, it is only offered for the countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Austria and Denmark. After we have handed over your package to our logistics partner, it takes 4 days at the latest for your package to arrive, depending on the destination.

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