Nursery Planter Transparent

Ø 15 cm


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plants for this pot size:

Rowleyanus Variegated
Stingray Alocasia
Silver Dragon Alocasia
Verrucosum Philodendron
    About this pot

    This nursery grow pot (Ø 15 cm) is super handy for looking after your plants! You can always see how much moisture is in the soil, you can easily react to signs of root rot and you know exactly when it is time to repot your plant. Moreover, the roots get more light in the transparent nursery pot, which can greatly stimulate the root growth of certain plants such as epiphytes and aroids. As a PLNTSparent with a transparent nursery pot, you are prepared for anything, but most importantly, you can see your baby's growth not only outside the pot, but also inside the pot and after all, that's where it all starts! Do your roots shine and you don't want to hide them? Then choose a saucer to go with the nursery pot and say hello to roots, soil and greenery! For this pot you will need the saucer Ø 14 cm. The pot is made of recycled plastic and comes in three diameters: 12, 15 and 19.

    Before repotting your plant in this transparent pot, it is wise to look carefully at your plant's needs, as light requirements vary from plant to plant.

    • Diameter15cm
    • Height15cm

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!