Epiphyllum Anguliger

Fishbone cactus

Anguliger €59.95

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Product review

  • 100% recyclable packaging materials
  • The largest range of baby plants
  • Straight from the nursery

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Elho plant pot
Anne Basket Seagrass
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Ben Basket Waterhyacint
    About this plant

    This unique looking cactus is called Epiphyllum Anguliger, but she is better known as ‘Fishbone Cactus’. This is due to her resemblance to a fishbone, cool right? Besides these quirky looking leaves she can also surprise you with gorgeous flowers! Can your urban jungle use some quirkiness? Buy Epiphyllum Anguliger online.

    • Diameter24cm
    • Height±100cm
    • LovesShady
    • Care levelEasy
    • BenefitsAir cleaner

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!