Chad Pot Terra

Ø 13.5 cm

Nora Face Pot White
Chad Pot Terra€19.95
Ø 13.5 cm

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About this pot

Do you fancy a pot that is made from natural materials? Then our Chad pot might be just the thing for you! Chad is made from terracotta, this material is adored by many PLNTSlovers for it's superpowers! Chad is not your average Terracotta pot, since his shape is sleeker! Besides, they are heavy and strong pots and will last for ages. Chad is ready for PLNTS summer since he likes to be outside during the summer because he can take a beating... Well, a little weather change. :) We have him available in 2 different sizes, this is the smaller one of the two. He has a diameter of 15,5 centimeters and a height of 18 centimeters. All our medium PLNTS will be a perfect match for this Chad.

  • Diameter15cm
  • Height18cm

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!