THICCLY Casper Climbing Pole (3.0)

THICCLY Casper Climbing Pole (3.0)

40 cm


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Product review

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THICCLY Casper Climbing Pole (3.0) ()
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This updated 3.0 design from Thiccly makes Casper even simpler and more plant-friendly! You can even remove the plant from the Casper Moss Pole very easily because the entire front of the moss pole can be opened. The climbing pole is made entirely of recycled plastic and this plastic ensures that the humidity inside the pole stays high.

But how does Casper work?
You receive the pole as a do-it-yourself package. Before you assemble the pole, measure how long the pole needs to be to fit your plant perfectly. Cut the pole and put it together. Be sure to save the remaining part, you can use this later when your plant grows bigger! Next, you can place the pole in the pot next to your plant and fill the pole with your favorite substrate. Now your plant has a supportive friend!

This Casper is 40 cm high and 6.5 cm wide, perfect for medium and large plants that like to climb. If your plant gets too big for your pole, you can easily make it longer by sliding another (or new) piece into the pole. Fill it up with Sphagnum moss and you're good to go. Of course, you can use some tape for extra security. Casper is also available in a smaller size (30 cm high/5 cm wide) and a larger size (50 cm high/9.5 cm wide).

Please note that the two variants (S, M) do not fit together because the widths are different. The extension can only be made with the same own size.