Baby  Anthurium   (Flamingo flowers)  Balaoanum


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Baby Balaoanum ()
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  • Diameter5cm
  • Height±5cm
  • LovesPartly shady

This is the Anthurium Balaloanum and she is very rare. Her big heart shaped leaves are real eye catchers that you fall in love with immediately. She originates from Ecuador, where she lives as an epiphyte.  This means that she lives on top of other plants, which will require a special potting mix inside our urban jungles. But don’t worry, with the right care she will grow big and even more magnificent than she already is! Have you fallen head over heels for this beauty? Buy Anthurium Balaloanum online.

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Everything about Anthurium

All varieties of Anthurium plants are tropical plants and mostly come from South and Central America. Anthurium is a genus of about 1000 species and, therefore, one of the largest genus of the Araceae family.

Anthuriums are divided into two main groups: flowering Anthuriums (flamingo flowers) and foliage Anthuriums. Flowering Anthuriums have brightly coloured waxy spathes (modified leaves) that look like flowers. Other varieties of Anthurium plants have striking foliage with big and deep green heart-shaped leaves and amazing veined patterns.

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