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Baby  Amydrium   Medium Silver


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Baby Medium Silver ()
Total: €11.45
  • The largest range of baby plants
  • Straight from the nursery
  • The most exclusive houseplants
  • Diameter3cm
  • Height±12cm
  • LovesPartly shady
  • BenefitsAir cleaner

The baby Amydrium Medium Silver is a beautiful and rare houseplant. She is a real climber and you can even recognise traits of a Philodendron and Epipremnum in her. She has a great blue/silver colour with a crocodile skin texture. Besides the beautiful colour and texture, she has something else special. As she grows up, she will undergo a transformation from oval leaves, to leaves with notches/fenestrations. So you can really say that she is a truly unique addition to your plant collection! Buy Amydrium Medium Silver here. 

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Everything about Amydrium

Amydrium plants, known for their captivating foliage and unique growth habits, have gained popularity among indoor gardening enthusiasts. Belonging to the Araceae family, these tropical plants originate from Southeast Asia and are closely related to the well-known Monstera genus.

With their striking leaves and climbing tendencies, Amydrium houseplants bring a touch of exotic charm to interior spaces. Proper care and attention can lead to lush growth and an attractive display of their distinct foliage, making them a sought-after choice for plant lovers looking to add a touch of the tropics to their homes.

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