Alocasia Reversa

Baby Reversa€12.95

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About this plant

This baby Alocasia Reversa has thick smooth leaves that are different shades of green. What makes this Alocasia Reversa so unusual are the colours of her leaves. Most other Alocasia species have light-coloured veins on their leaves. The Alocasia Reversa likes to be different and therefore has dark-coloured veins that reverse the pattern. This is also the reason why this plant is called "Reversa". Unique, isn't it? With this plant, you can be sure that you are bringing something special into your home.

  • Diameter3cm
  • Height±10cm
  • LovesPartly shady
  • BenefitsAir cleaner

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!