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Are you a real PLNTSlover who would like to add some very stylish plants to your collection? Alocasia is a very good plant family for you! We have created this set with 3 Alocasia stars that every plant collector wants to own.

We top our Alocasia stars with the Alocasia Dragon Scale. This species has deeply engraved leaves that resemble the scales of a dragon. Together with her dark green colour, she is a sensational plant to look at!

Next is the velvety queen under the Alocasia’s. The Alocasia Frydek has a rich green colour, popping with nerves. She looks soft to the touch and has overall classy look.

Next up is another royal species, the Alocasia Yucatan Princess. She has super glossy, dark green leaves that are held up by burgundy stems. 

You will find the following care products in your set:

  • Aroid potting mix kit
  • 250 Milliliter nutrition

Your Alocasia would love to receive lots of bright indirect light. The more, the merrier to say so. Just keep an eye on leaves scorching due to heat or sunburn when they are standing very close to a window.

We included all the needed substrates to be able to grow these marvelous plants. You can mix it with the ratio, 60% soil, 15% tree bark, 10% coco fibre, 10% active charcoal, and 5% Perlite. Water your new plants whenever the soil is beginning to feel dry. The Alocasia can be a bit fussy when it comes to watering, so we suggest reading some more information about this family on our PLNTSdoctor page.

Did you know that the Alocasia can grow to a humongous size? To do this, they need lots of energy. Luckily, you can help them on their way with the included liquid nutrition. This nutrition can be added to your watering routine during the growing season.

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This set includes:

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!