Tessa Watermeter L Green

Tessa Watermeter L Green

25.5 cm


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Tessa Watermeter L Green ()
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The Tessa Water Meter is the ideal tool to ensure that your plants stay in top condition. This water meter shows you whether your beauty has had enough water or needs it! The meter is available for our medium (M) and large (L) PLNTS, comes in two colours, green and white and is made from durable, high quality polycarbonate. Tessa lasts about 6-9 months, after this period you can easily replace the inner core with the non-woven cotton refill. How to use: Insert the Tessa Water Meter vertically into the soil. The colour of the meter will turn blue when the plant has had enough water. When the colour turns white again, your friend is thirsty. Size L is suitable for pots larger than 18cm in diameter.