Terracotta Rain Watering Can

Terracotta Rain Watering Can

450 ml


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Product review

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Terracotta Rain Watering Can ()
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If you want to water your (tender) seedlings, babyPLNTS but also larger plants that does not flow down rock hard immediately but comes out gently from the watering can, then this thumb watering can is really recommended. This handmade terracotta thumb watering can consists of a hole at the top and small holes at the bottom that provides your plants with a lovely rain shower. It is 14.5 centimeters high and 10 centimeters wide and very easy to use. How should you use the watering can? Hold the thumb watering can under water and let it fill up. Place your thumb on the hole at the top. Remove the watering can from the water and hold it over the seedling or plant you want to water. Remove your thumb from the hole and water the plant. Place your thumb back on the hole to stop the fine spray of water. It's that simple! You create a natural rain effect with this. Also, the thumb caster also serves for rinsing off pests.