Syngonium Variegated


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    about this plant

    The Syngonium Variegated is a beautiful little plant with arrow-shaped leaves. She has a spectacular collection of colours on her leaves, varying from dark greens to bold whites. To make sure you can always see her striking colours, be sure to place her in a nice light spot and they will stay that way. This rare plant doesn't have many demands and is a fantastic resident that will always be the centre of conversation. This RarePLNT might come with a leaf that has been partially cut. This has been done for propagation and is not harmful to the plant.

    Note: the plant will arrive with a minimum of four variegated leaves.  

    • diameter13cm
    • height±25cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner
    The Alocasia Zebrina don’t like dryness at the roots, but too much water will cause the roots to rot. Unlike conventional house plant watering wisdom the best approach is to water little but often. Tip: Use a pot with a drainage hole so any excess water can easily escape.
    Halina Belzek - 18 November 2021
    Amazing, highly recomended
    Katarzyna Czajka - 29 April 2021
    Plant arrived healthy and really well packed. Very nice variegation. 3 growing points. One went into regression but other two has half moons by now.
    Anna Buzek - 16 March 2021
    Plants arrived very fast and Syngonium is very big and beautiful with great variegation
    Sophie Corbineau - 07 November 2020
    Arrivée à bon port après un voyage de 4 jours, en pleine forme. Très bien emballée (comme toujours). Elle absolument magnifique, je suis ravie !
    Michaela Raukar-Herman - 04 November 2020
    Arrived fast, safe and healthy (in general packing made by is GREAT!!). Variegation was more stunning than I could have imagined. Been with us for 2 weeks now and growing happily :-)
    Kristína - 01 November 2020
    Arrived very well packed. After 5 day travel it was in excellent condition and beautiful. Variegation was amazing.

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!