Set of 10 Nursery Planters Ø 12 cm

Set of 10 Nursery Planters Ø 12 cm



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Set of 10 Nursery Planters Ø 12 cm ()
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Nursery planters are the basis of any good plant care. Because there are holes in the bottom of the inner pot, water is given a chance to drain gradually, which helps against root rot. This fact keeps your plant and its roots happy, which is why we always recommend using a grow pot. Also, if your plant has grown and wants to be repotted, it is wise to use a larger inner pot. This set of 10 nursery planters (Ø 12 cm) is made of recycled plastic and also comes in a size larger of 15 cm diameter. They are available in sets of 5 and 10, perfect for a group of grown Baby and Medium PLNTS. Do you only have 1 plant that wants a new pot? Then the nursery planter that goes by the piece is there for you.

This set includes:

nursery pot
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