Philodendron White Princess

Baby White Princess£10.45

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    about this plant

    You are looking at a true royalty! Even Though she is still a little baby, this rare plant is a definite treasure. The Philodendron White Princess has oval shaped leaves. These leaves have a green base and white variegation on them, how pretty? She might even produce some pink spots for you, if you're lucky. :)

    • diameter2cm
    • height±8cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner

    Caring for royalty was never this easy! Give her some draining soil and spot with bright indirect light. Provide her with some nutrition during the growing season and you should have a thriving princess! Easy, right?

    felipe sanz - 01 September 2022
    I'm in love with this plant, the delivery took a few extra days but the plant arrived in pristine conditions anyway, and now almost 2 later the plant is thriving and it is 3 times its original size, I would defo recommend the plant and the store, I will keep getting more plants here!.
    emplants - 31 August 2022
    Adorable! Amazing variegation -- exceeded my expectations
    Clara Torres - 28 July 2022
    Marisa - 21 July 2022
    Very cute and just like on the picture

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    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!