Philodendron White Knight

Philodendron White Knight
White Knight£34.94

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    about this plant
    The Philodendron White Knight is a true collector's dream. With its white variegated leaves, deep red stems and large leaf shape, this rare plant is a real eye-catcher. We think this plant should not be missing in your collection and that it will quickly become a favourite of yours. This plant is a real winner!
    • diameter12cm
    • height±25cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner
    Cecilie - 24 September 2022
    The White Knight I received is way more pretty than any I've seen on Instagram. He got 3 huge leaves (All of them with white on them) I can't wait to see how he'll look when he gets bigger.
    Nicola Rousseau - 25 July 2022
    Very stunning plant! Every leaf ist variegated but has a healthy balance between the white and green. The stem is just as red as in the pictures!

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    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!