Rugosum Aberrant

Philodendron  ( Pigskin Philodendron )  Rugosum Aberrant


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Rugosum Aberrant ()
Total: £37.95
  • 100% recyclable packaging materials
  • The most exclusive houseplants
  • The largest range of baby plants
  • Diameter12cm
  • Height±25cm
  • LovesPartly shady

This pretty Philodendron species is a bit unusual compared to its family members, but that is what makes it a nice addition to your ever-growing growing PLNTScollection! The Philodendron Rugosum Aberrant has long leaves with a beautiful gradient. The inner centre is light green and fades out to a darker green towards the outer edge. Sometimes a leaf will stay slightly curled at the edge as well, which makes it a quirky and fun plant to look at! Can your urban jungle use some looks like this one? Buy Philodendron Rugosum Aberrant online.

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Everything about Philodendron

Philodendrons are a unique and versatile choice for indoor plants since they are available in various sizes, shapes, and colours. From the classic heart-leaf Philodendron with its delicate, heart-shaped leaves to the exotic red emerald with its deep red stems and glossy green leaves, there is a Philodendron to suit any style or space.

Did you know Philodendrons are known as love trees? The Philodendron gets its name from the Greek words 'Philo', which means love, and 'Dendron', which means tree.

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