Philodendron Peru


Philodendron Peru

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    about this plant

    The Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum 'Peru' is a rare member of the Philodendron family. You can recognize this unique beauty by her rubbery, leather-like, puckered leaves. The leaves start out as medium green, but shift to a deeper green colour as she matures. The deep, lacy vines give the leaves a stunning texture.

    The Philodendron Peru goes by many names. Her ‘real’ name is Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum, but she is also called referred to as Philodendron opacum. In addition, this mysterious lady is also called Monstera Peru or Monstera Fibraecataphyllum. But whatever you like to call her, she’s something special!

    This lady is part of the Araceae genus and originally hails from the South American rainforest. She is a climbing tropical plant, but needs a little help growing upwards. She grows best when provided with a moss pole. The Fibraecataphyllum also looks great cascading from a hanging basket. As long as you give her enough space, she doesn’t really care whether she’s growing upwards or downwards.

    Despite her unique and rare appearance, the Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum is easy to deal with. She requires little attention and is easy to care for.

    • diameter13cm
    • height±25cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner
    As her name already suggests, the Philodendron Peru hails from the tropics. She is used to a humid environment with high humidity. She thrives in moist soil that drains well. Do not overwater her, the Philodendron Peru doesn’t like wet feet. Like other tropical plants, you make her happy when you water her leaves with a plant sprayer in between watering. Its leaves burn quickly in bright sunlight, so this Peruvian beauty prefers to be in indirect sunlight. This easy-care plant is easy going, but she is not so fond of cats and dogs. The Philodendron Peru is poisonous, so she’s best kept away from children and pets.
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    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!