Philodendron McDowell


Phildendron McDowell

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Hagrid Nursery Planter Black
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    about this plant

    Caution, vulnerable to leaf damage

    You can't walk past this beauty without looking, because wow, what gigantic beautiful leaves this Philodendron McDowell has! The McDowell is a Gloriosum x Pastazanum hybrid, therefor they are hard to keep apart from each other. The only differences, for example more prominent white lines, can be spotted on their stems. The Philodendron McDowell has impressive big heart-shaped dark green leaves with striking white nerves. A true must-have in your plant collection.

    • diameter15cm
    • height±40cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner

    The Philodendron McDowell has to acclimate to its new light conditions first, so therefor it is best to place her in in partial shade or filtered light. She likes a medium moist soil, but of course not too soil as that will cause rotting roots. Be aware that her soil won’t dry out completely because that will do harm to her stunning leaves. Treat her with warm temperatures and high humidity, that will definitely make her feel at home.

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    Ells - 29 December 2022
    Arrived with belt and flattened leaves, however got back to its usual shape very quickly. Giving me a new large leaf and has a little pup that’s giving me a new leaf aswell. Very happy with this plant.
    Gisela Jonsson - 03 November 2022
    I love this plant
    Martin Andersen - 11 October 2022
    Healthy and healthy plant. Unfortunately with some shipping damage on the leaves. But we are looking forward to it having adapted here with us. It is really beautiful.
    Marjorie’s plants - 08 August 2022
    I was worried because even if it was well packed it shipped really bad and the leaves were droopy. After a few days of recovery the leaves are up and it’s perfect. Very resilient plant.
    Andreja Jug - 29 July 2022
    Plant came in great condition, very healthy. Thank you.
    Adam Howard - 29 May 2022
    Stunning healthy plant, no damage whatsoever
    Corey Hinds - 21 May 2022
    I can't stop smiling she is so beautiful with 3 massive leaves and now I need another
    Lily - 25 March 2022
    Absolutely stunning plant, bigger than expected! But I do not recommend buying in colder weather. The heatpack didn't protect the plant enough sadly and there was no protecting packing material in the box. 2 of 4 leaves show frostbite damaging.

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    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!