Philodendron Black Cardinal

Philodendron Black Cardinal


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Alice Pot Light Pink
Tess Vase Pot Rustic Brown
Cliff Pot Grey Beige
Lynn Pot Green
Hubert Pot Taupe
    About this plant

    The Philodendron Black Cardinal is a tough little lady hailing from the rainforests of South America. She distinguishes herself by her lush, beautiful leaves which emerge glowing with a bright orange hue before changing quickly to a deep black-green. If you want to add some tonal variation to your plant collection, or if you’re on the lookout for a statement plant for a particular spot in your house, the black cardinal might be just who you’re looking for! Buy Philodendron Black Cardinal online. 

    • Diameter12cm
    • Height±20cm
    • LovesPartly shady
    • Care levelEasy
    • BenefitsAir cleaner

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!