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Pachira Aquatica

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    about this plant
    The braided Pachira Aquatica, also known as the Guiana chestnut, is a beautiful green plant with a braided tree trunk which might remind you a bit of South American mangroves. Despite her Latin American roots the Pachira Aquatica is most famous in Asia, where her five-pointed leaf is regarded as being very symbolic in feng shui. She is a real asset as a large domestic plant, because she grows fast! In nature it can even grow up to 25 metres high.
    • diameter17cm
    • height±70cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • care leveleasy
    • benefitsair cleaner
    • pet friendlynon-toxic
    The braided Pachira Aquatica might come from the wet areas of South America but in a pot she does not like wet feet- indeed, it is better to let the soil dry a little before you water it again. She also likes some light, but like so many plants she doesn't like the full summer sun. In summer it is best to place it a metre or two away from the window and move it onto the windowsill in winter. Brown leaves are best cut out, and once a month in the spring and summer months some organic PLNTS nutrition will make the leaves even greener.
    Ysatis NAQUIN - 07 March 2021
    Des années que je cherche cette plante a un prix abordable et je suis super satisfaite de l'avoir achetée sur Elle fait déjà de nouvelles feuilles (acquise il y a moins de 2 semaines) même si semble plus petite que sur la photo du site et a peu de feuilles. Je l'ai également reçue avec des feuilles cassées mais elle va bien maintenant :)
    Emma More - 27 February 2021
    Nice plant, with lots of new growth, but since it's fragile it arrived with some broken leaves. (also because the delivery guy turned the box upside down...)
    Olga Martín Valentín - 19 February 2021
    Nicely packed! It arrived healthy and beautifully green! :)
    Nathalie Vrancken - 07 November 2020
    I was very worried about shipping and packaging, but it came in a very big box, and was very nicely packed! There are a lot of new leaves, so he's doing very good! So happy i ordered

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