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Osmocote Fertiliser

125 gram


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    About this product

    Make your soil's day! With these Osmocote fertiliser granules it is not that difficult. By mixing them into your potting soil, they will release nutrients very slowly and in a very controlled manner over a period of six months. This way, your plant is always provided with sufficient nutrients during this period. But doesn't a plant need different nutrients in the summer and winter? Osmocote can help you with this too. When the ambient temperature is warmer, the grains release more nutrients than when it is cold. You can spread the fertiliser granules over the potting soil but you can also add them while repotting. In both cases, do this once every 8-9 months to keep the nutrient level up.

    How to apply? 

    It's time to put the granules to work! You can take your plant out of the pot and remove as much old soil from the roots as possible. Now you can take 1 litre of fresh soil and 3-4 grams of osmocote grains. Mix them together and there you have a fresh soil, that contains enough nutrients for your plants for the coming months, woohoo!

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!