Olla Watering Dripper Terracotta

Olla Watering Dripper Terracotta

Ø 8 cm


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Olla Watering Dripper Terracotta ()
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Olla is produced in Europe in a traditional way and regulates the water supply naturally according to the needs of each plant. A nice fact about Olla is that its technique is centuries old. From a traditional old watering system, it has been transformed into an object designed for small spaces. Ollas (which have been used for over 2000 years in the most arid areas of the planet) are microporous ceramic jugs used to irrigate vegetable plantations. As the water gradually drips into the soil, the plants can develop their roots and naturally absorb water from the soil. Since then, this technique has been further studied and developed. For this Olla, much attention has been paid to the best clay and an optimised firing process to ensure ideal porosity. How do you use Olla? Bury it in the ground. Then fill her with water and watch your plants thrive!

Olla is suitable for plants from 20cm in diameter