Calathea Medallion

Prayer plant

Baby Medallion£3.89

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    about this plant

    The Calathea Medallion (Baby) definitely deserves a medal for her beauty. As Calatheas are known for their eye-catching leaves, the Calathea Medallion surely ranks high. You can recognise this pretty baby by her deep green leaves with brushstrokes of bright fuchsia tones. As she grows her pattern will change in a wonderful way too, which really makes it worth to see her grow up!

    • diameter2cm
    • height±15cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner
    • pet friendlynon-toxic

    The Calathea Medallion can be a bit of a diva! She doesn’t like to receive a lot of water at once, instead it’s better to give her a bit of water twice a week. This way her soil stays moist and her roots don’t get too wet. You can give her some organic PLNTS nutrition once every two weeks to help her grow. At the end of the day this sleeping beauty likes to close up her leaves, only to unfold them again at dawn. The Calathea Medallion helps filter the air and is safe for children and pets.

    Sara Ståhl - 24 October 2021
    Just like the piqtures. Plant was packed Nice and arrived quicker than I expected.
    Katarína HOLLA - 06 April 2021
    One of the most fussy plant I own. Arrived looking well with two pairs of leaves and very beautiful violet color on the leaves. But leaves started curling as its too dry. I put humidifier, filtered water, semi shade...but it doesn't seem to picking up new growth. I really hope it will pick up soon.
    Rasha Suliman - 14 March 2021
    very beautiful plant
    W Rosegg - 25 February 2021
    She came in with two open leaves and two more have opened up since getting it a few days ago! I hope she grows into the real medaillon look soon because it looks like a rosea right now. Healthy plant, easy to care for :)
    Lexie Bloem - 02 February 2021
    Came with only 2 leaves and it hasn't put out any new growth.

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    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!