Maranta Kerchoveana Variegated

Prayer plant

Maranta Kerchoveana Variegated
Kerchoveana Variegated£17.45

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    about this plant
    The Maranta Kerchoveana is part of the Marantaceae family. The plant is also known as a prayer plant, because it folds its leaves upwards in the evening, and then slowly unfolds them again at sunrise. The Kerchoveana has a beautiful leaf pattern, with brown spots that turn dark green over time. The Maranta is used to a fairly dark environment with high humidity. What makes this plant different from, for example, the Ctenanthes and Calatheas, is that it is also used to climbing, or to cascade down as a hanging plant. All in all a nice addition to the family for the Marantaceae fans!
    • diameter15cm
    • height±25cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • care leveleasy
    • benefitsair cleaner
    • pet friendlynon-toxic
    With the right care tips, this tropical houseplant will stay a happy and grateful roommate. The Maranta Kerchoveana does not like direct sunlight, so feel free to give her the honour of brightening up a slightly darker corner of your room. Due to its tropical origin, it will not survive well in low humidity. The Maranta Kerchoveana needs a little lukewarm water 2 to 3 times a week, because it is important that the potting soil stays slightly moist. It is best to give small amounts several times to prevent a layer from remaining at the bottom of the pot, as this can cause root rot. She also loves to be sprayed once a week! By spraying the leaves you ensure a higher humidity around the plant. This will benefit overall health and development. If the leaves hang or curl, this is a sign of a lack of water. In this case it is best to water the plant a little more/more often.
    Clara Torres - 28 July 2022
    Bien, esperando que se adopte a su nuevo hogar
    Lina Opd - 19 March 2022
    I would give her a 10/10 if this would be possible, because that's what she is!! Super pretty and big and bushy - totally in love with this one.
    Rommy Hofler - 04 March 2022
    Incredible once again... really big plant with lots of leaves, healthy and it is also flowering and has red marks on the already amazing leaves. Best quality ever!
    Andrea Sanchez widdowson - 08 February 2022
    Its even bigger than the picture! bery bushy and variegated, Arrived in perfect state to Spain, with lots of new leaves on the way

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