Kratiste Biodegradable Climbing Board

Kratiste Biodegradable Climbing Board

50 cm long, 8 cm wide


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Product review

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Kratiste Biodegradable Climbing Board ()
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A climbing pole that is completely biodegradable! Made from compostable PLA and Miscanthus Giganthus (elephant grass), it has the most natural appearance a climbing pole can have. The rough texture contributes to this; it resembles tree bark. Don't you think so too? Besides its appearance, the rough, natural texture is also very practical for plant growth. It retains moisture and provides the plant with grip, two real advantages for a climbing pole! The pole comes with 15 clips, which are also biodegradable and easily click into the holes of the 50 cm pole. Is your plant growing beyond the climbing pole? Use the biodegradable connector piece to easily extend the climbing pole with a second one. More meters to grow!

Tip: Use a plant mister to keep the pole moist.