Happy Harry Pot Beige

Ø 6 cm


Happy Harry Pot
Baby Happy Harry Pot Beige£13.08
Ø 6 cm

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plants for this pot size:

Fern Asparagus
Woodii Variegata
Blonde Nephrolepis
    about this pot

    My o my, isn’t this a super cute pot that immediately makes you happy?! The Happy Harry pot really puts a smile on your face whenever you look at it. The complete pot is 3D printed and made of ECO responsible PLA bioplastic which gives it a sustainable touch. His tiny face together with his small arms and legs are a perfect home for one of our cute BabyPLNTS! Happy Harry is available in many different colours, black, beige, dark brown, copper, white, grey and green, so easy to match with any interior. Make sure to add this cutie to your collection so Harry will make you happy anytime you look at him.

    • diameter6cm
    • height7cm
    Sarah Schmit - 06 October 2022
    This is clearly a 3D printed piece. There where a few silicone hairs on the edges that I just took of, no problem. I’m in love with this guy, he is very cute. I paired him with the baby string of harts an now he looks like rapunzel, with one long piece flowing over the edge like her braid over the tower. I’m very happy.

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    Hi, I’m Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!