Calathea Makoyana

Peacock plant

Calathea Makoyana

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Tess Cylinder Pot Rustic Brown
Amber Pot  White
Aya Basket Brown
Ava Pot Terra
    about this plant

    This Calathea Makoyana is also known as the Peacock plant. This beautiful tropical houseplant is famous for her contrasting green and purple-red leaves. Her leaves are long and slender and also have a dark green feathering effect from the centre of the leaf to the outer edge. So she will certainly brighten up any living space without taking up too much space. Remarkable, isn't it?

    • diameter17cm
    • height±45cm
    • lovesshady
    • care leveleasy
    • benefitsair cleaner
    • pet friendlynon-toxic
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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!