Biological pest control: White Fly

Biological pest control: White Fly


Available from: 17/07/2024

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Biological pest control: White Fly ()
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Is your plant showing signs of a sticky residue on its leaves, perhaps accompanied by patches of mould, yellowing or silvering parts, and even showing signs of wilting or dying? These symptoms may indicate a White Fly infestation! These pesky insects are easily noticeable on the leaves; when disturbed, they tend to fly off, leaving behind their eggs and larvae. White Flies can be identified by their yellowish bodies with white wings. For further information on White Flies, feel free to visit our PLNTSdoctor page.

White Flies feed on the sap of plant leaves, releasing toxins that can weaken and eventually kill the plant. With their rapid reproduction rate, a small infestation can quickly escalate into a full-blown invasion, leaving your plants vulnerable. They also excrete honeydew, a sticky substance that promotes mould growth. Fortunately, we have a solution for you!

Introducing Mosi, parasitoid wasps that effectively combat White Fly infestations. These wasps seek out White Flies and lay their eggs inside them. As the eggs hatch, the White Flies perish, and new parasitoid wasps emerge, effectively controlling the infestation. Moreover, Mosi also eats White Fly larvae, further resolving the issue. Rest assured, these wasps are small and harmless—they do not sting.

With each order, you'll receive 5 cards containing a total of 300 Mosi. This quantity is sufficient for approximately 15 houseplants. Simply hang these cards near the affected plants, and let the creatures take care of the rest. This environmentally friendly approach offers a safe and effective solution for eliminating White Fly infestations.

Check our blog for even more tips on these natural and biological pest controllers.

*We ship orders for the organic pesticide once a week on Wednesdays. Because the animals are sent alive, we will pass on the exact numbers on Monday morning that we need for orders from the week before. This means that if you order on Friday, your package will be shipped next Wednesday. After the pesticide is delivered fresh by our supplier on Wednesday morning, we send it to you within a few hours. Because this product must be delivered quickly due to its shelf life, it is only offered for the countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Austria and Denmark. After we have handed over your package to our logistics partner, it takes 4 days at the latest for your package to arrive, depending on the destination.