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    This product is currently only available for shipping to the BENELUX, DE, FR, AT and DK. To ensure that this product arrives in good health, this product is only shipped on Wednesdays*.

    Do you notice that the leaves of your plant are changing colour, that they are developing little yellow spots/dots or do you see superfine webs everywhere, but you don't see any spiders? Then it could be that your plant is suffering from spider mites! Check out our PLNTS doctor page for more information on how to recognise spider mites.

    Although these bugs are super small, they can have major consequences for your plant! A spider mite drills a hole with its snout, attaches itself to the plant's system and stuffs itself full of nutrition from the plant! These tiny holes hinder the growth of your houseplant and cause discolouration of the leaves, usually in clusters. The result is reduced photosynthesis, which prevents the plant from growing properly. Fortunately, there is no need to be extremely scared; you can easily and naturally combat these pests with this solution!

    These natural predatory mites are called Phytoseiulus persimilis and will overpower spider mite infestations in no time! They work invisibly and extremely fast and search your plants for spider mites. A predatory mite can eat up to 5 adult spider mites or 20 young spider mites (eggs) per day. When there are no more spider mites left, these predatory mites eat each other and will eventually disappear from your plants.

    The little box that comes with these rescuers is very handy. You can easily empty the contents of the sachet into the box and then hang the box in your plant. These predatory mites like to walk upwards, so hang the box low in the plant, but of course close to the pest. You need at least one bag of predatory mites per 1 m2 of plant surface. After 2 weeks you should see a reduction or no more mites. However, we do recommend repeating the treatment after two weeks, especially with a large infestation. If this does not solve the problem, it is recommended to increase the dose of predatory mites per m2.

    Please note: it is best to introduce the mites immediately after their arrival. Be careful with the bag, you don't want to damage these saviours. Give these predatory mites a helping hand by spraying the plants a little, they love this. The predatory mites only stay on your plants, so don't be afraid of a house full of mites!

    Check our blogfor even more tips on these natural and biological pest controllers.

    We ship orders for the organic pest control once a week on Wednesdays. Because the animals are sent alive, we will pass on the exact numbers on Monday morning that we need for orders from the week before. This means that if you order on Friday, your package will be shipped next Wednesday. After the pesticide is delivered fresh by our supplier on Wednesday morning, we send it to you within a few hours. Because this product must be delivered quickly due to its shelf life, it is only offered for the countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Austria and Denmark. After we have handed over your package to our logistics partner, it takes 4 days at the latests for your package to arrive, depending on the destination.

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    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!