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    This product is currently only available for shipping to the BENELUX, DE, FR, AT and DK. To ensure that this product arrives in good health, this product is only shipped on Wednesdays*.

    Are you bothered by annoying little black flies around your plant? Then chances are you have fungus gnats! (In doubt as to whether your plants suffer from this? Check our PLNTS doctor page You usually only notice them when you water your plant or tap the pot: they then suddenly appear.

    Although the small creatures seem quite harmless to humans, it is possible that they are targeting your plant. Fungus gnats (well... the larvae of the gnats) feed not only on dead plant material such as fungus, but also on living material such as roots. As you will understand, this makes the roots super vulnerable and susceptible to fungi and bacteria. The roots are also less able to absorb water and nutrients, which makes your beloved plant weaker and weaker and possibly even kills it.

    This Steinernema feltiae, the natural enemy of the fungus gnat, to the rescue! They are living soil organisms, as they occur in nature and help nature. So when you use these rescuers, you are using the natural way, which is a nice idea! By the way, they are so small that you will not see anything moving or living in the water or in your potting soil.

    How to use?
    It is actually very easy! Follow the following 5 steps and your plants will soon thank you:
    1.       Add the bag of saviours to a watering can (1 - 1,5L) completely filled with lukewarm and clean water. This sachet is enough for one full watering can, which is about enough for 10 plants. There are five million saviours in one sachet, Wow!
    2.       Stir for about 1 minute so that the nematodes are well distributed in the water.
    3.       Pour the solution directly on your plants, all around the potting soil. Give as much water as you normally give to your plants.
    4.       Keep the soil moist for another two weeks, so that the nematodes do not dry out. They also need water/moisture to move through the potting soil.
    We advise you to repeat the treatment. So order two sachets and use one sachet on day 1 (the day you received them) and use the second sachet on day 6.

    Please note: keep the bag tightly closed in the fridge, this is the only way to keep these saviours alive for as long as possible. You will receive a cooled package at home, so it is important to put them in the fridge immediately! The Steinernema feltiae also really needs water to move around in the potting soil and to stay alive, so beware of dehydration (at least he first two weeks after adding).

    Check our blogfor even more tips on these natural and biological pest controllers.

    *We ship orders for the organic pest control once a week on Wednesdays. Because the animals are sent alive, we will pass on the exact numbers on Monday morning that we need for orders from the week before. This means that if you order on Friday, your package will be shipped next Wednesday. After the pesticide is delivered fresh by our supplier on Wednesday morning, we send it to you within a few hours. Because this product must be delivered quickly due to its shelf life, it is only offered for the countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Austria and Denmark. After we have handed over your package to our logistics partner, it takes 4 days at the latest for your package to arrive, depending on the destination.

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