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about this plant

This white veined beauty is called Aphelandra Squarrosa. Her nickname is earned on her stripes, Zebraplant. As a base for her white stripes, are green glossy leaves. She originates from the Atlantic Forest vegetation of Brazil, where a sub-tropical climate is present. Inside this climate she can grow upto 2 meters tall and produces bright yellow flowers. If you’re lucky, she might grow these flowers for you too!

  • diameter13cm
  • height±35cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • care leveleasy
  • benefitsair cleaner
  • pet friendlynon-toxic

Give this striped lady a spot with bright indirect light and a humidity of 60 to 70%. She prefers to have moist soil at all times, this is best provided by giving regular splashes of water. As a soil mix, she likes to have it well draining, but also something that holds water well. It’s best to mix soil with lots of perlite and sphagnum moss. The Aphelandra Squarrosa tends to need a lot of nutrients during the growing season, providing her with this every 1-2 weeks. This is everything that is needed to grow a healthy and thriving Zebraplant!

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