Anthurium Crystallinum


Anthurium Crystallinum
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about this plant

Isn’t this a super cute surprise! This baby Anthurium Crystallinum is special because of her attractive, oval-shaped, green velvety leaves and the strong almost white silvery veins. You will experience the wonderful changes when this baby starts to grow. A new leave will have yellow/red tones and slowly darken to a deeper green colour. Are you the PLNTparent who will allow her to grow into the special adult plant she is meant to be? We here you thinking though.. What is the difference between the Anthurium Crystallinum and the Anthurium Clarinervium? The resemblance between the two is great. The main difference is that the Crystallinum has narrower leaves and a brighter green colour, while the Clarinervium has wider darker green leaves. The Crystallinum also grows faster than the Clarinervium.

  • diameter2cm
  • height±10cm
  • lovespartly shady
Here are some care tips to keep her happy: She LOVES humidity! Keep them in a humid room or give them a good mist every now and then. Crystallinums are epiphytes which means in their natural habitat they grow on other plants. To mimic this, pot them in a well-draining soil mix composed of perlite and potting soil for example. Last but not least she needs bright indirect light. Keep them away from hot afternoon sun as it will burn her delicate velvet leaves. Isn’t that a nice touch?
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Nete Andersen - 15 September 2022
Very small (though bigger than the silver blush i also got) but healthy looking with no damage.
Piera - 17 August 2022
The plant is a little too tiny, but it seems healthy. I hope it will get better! <3

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