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Philodendron Scandens Micans
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    about this plant

    In den Philodendron Scandens Micans kann man sich leicht verlieben. Er hat wunderschöne herzförmige Blätter, die sich weich und samtig anfühlen. Und er hat noch eine weitere Besonderheit, denn in jedem Licht wirkt seine Farbe anders - von einem dunklen grün bis zu sattem lila. Er wird dich zu den verschiedenen Tageszeiten mit seiner schönen Farbpalette überraschen. Der Philodendron Scandens Micans ist eine Hängepflanze und liebt einen hellen Standort.

    • diameter12cm
    • height±15cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • care leveleasy
    • benefitsair cleaner
    Der Philodendron Scandens Micans mag Licht, aber keinen hellen Sonnenschein. Seine bevorzugte Temperatur liegt zwischen 16 und 24 Grad. Er mag feuchtes Substrat, aber pass auf, dass du ihm nicht zu viel Wasser gibst. Bekommt er gelbe Blätter? Dann gib ihm weniger Wasser. Halt ihn von deinen Haustieren fern, denn er ist giftig für sie. Gib ihr im Frühling und Sommer, der Wachstumsphase, regelmäßig zusätzlich etwas Bio-PLNTS-Dünger, um sie optimal zu unterstützen.
    Fae - 26. Juni 2022
    Arrived in great condition, growing well
    Lina Opd - 19. März 2022
    Much smaller and less bushy than in the photo, but already building new leaves
    Annika Veenstra - 30. April 2021
    Wel wat kleiner als verwacht maar ziet er erg goed uit, goed verpakt en snel geleverd!
    Daniela Rodriguez-Garay - 28. April 2021
    Leaves much smaller than expected and a few of the larger leaves arrived damaged, but plenty of new growth so I imagine it will perk up and look lovely by the end of this growing season. One of my favourite philos and difficult to find locally, so happy overall.
    soffelchen - 21. Februar 2021
    Sadly, nearly 4 leafs had big holes in them when the plant arrived. When I contacted the support, they had a fitting solution. All in all it is a very beautiful plant and it grows magnificent.
    Mollyhadley - 31. Januar 2021
    I am a little late to leave a review, but I have now had my micans a few months and can say I am VERY happy. Definitely one of my favourite plants. It arrived in very nice condition and well packaged with no damage - after having it throughout the cold Uk winter I am happy to say it is still thriving and putting out leaves regularly. The micans is a special plant with its velvety leaves and gorgeous red underside of the leaves. I honestly spend most of my time while at home lovingly gazing at this plant..! - 29. Januar 2021
    This plant is absolutely gorgeous, definitely a new fave Arrived in great condition, still looking fresh, no damage, lost leaves or wilting Maybe a few less mature leaves than I would have expected based on the photos, but plenty of new leaves and leaves ready to unfurl so I'm not disappointed
    Emma More - 25. Januar 2021
    Beautiful plant!!! So far one of the favorites that I own. The velvety leaves make it very special.
    SONIAMAZ - 08. Januar 2021
    Smaller than pictured but lovely and safe
    Stefania - 01. Januar 2021
    A fully deserved 5 stars! This was my first time purchasing plants online outside my country (Portugal) and was a bit nervous about it. But what a great experience with PLNTS! The package arrived super fast, 2 days after despatched, and all the plants were in perfect condition. Philodendron Micans is gorgeous with no leaves loss and no damages. Good job PLNTS team! You definitely won a loyal customer.
    Sara Wennerström - 20. Dezember 2020
    Great condition and a nice healthy plant. Smaller than picture, but has grown several new leaves.
    Rebecca Osei-boateng - 18. November 2020
    So colorful and velvety, absolute eye candy !
    Stacey Henry - 13. November 2020
    My plant was well packaged and arrived quickly. Has grown so much over the last 3 months
    Lucija Reic - 06. November 2020
    The plant arrived in great condition and is exactly as pictured
    Jennifer Miller - 05. November 2020
    Arrived in a very good condition! This was my first time ordering a plant online and I'm so happy that I choose this website!
    Silke - 15. Oktober 2020
    Eine Pflanze von meiner Wunschliste und ich wurde nicht enttäuscht. Sie kam sehr gut verpackt und heil nach 2 Tagen Postweg bei mir an. Die Pflanze hat wunderschöne Blätter und die Größe passt für mich absolut.
    Julia - 26. September 2020
    I was a bit worried when i ordered the Micans, as they are quite fragile so I thought it might come looking unhappy. My plant came in excellent condition though, with many new growth points. Absolutely stunning plant.
    PriyaRobert - 16. August 2020
    Same As in picture! Arrived in a good condition

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