String of Hearts

Ceropegia Woodii

Baby String of Hearts€4.95
Ceropegia Woodii

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    about this plant
    Die String of Hearts, auch laternenpflanze genannt, ist es eine leicht hängende Pflanze, weil es nicht viel Pflege erfordert. Die Blätter haben eine Herzform, und Die Blumen ähneln kleinen Laternen daher die Namen dieser schönen kleinen Pflanze.
    • diameter6cm
    • height±10cm
    • lovessunny spots
    • care leveleasy
    • benefitsair cleaner
    • pet friendlynon-toxic
    Die Pflanze selbst benötigt einmal pro Woche eine kleine Menge Wasser. Im Winter ist es besser, wenn die Pflanze sie ziemlich trocken hält. Lange Stiele können leicht gekürzt werden. Füttere die Pflanze einmal im Monat. Die beste Temperatur für die Herzkette liegt bei etwa 20 Grad Celsius. Der beste Weg, Ihre Herzkette zu einer gesunden Zimmerpflanze wachsen zu lassen, besteht darin, sicherzustellen, dass die Pflanze gut verwurzelt ist. Damit die Herzkette wurzelt, empfiehlt es sich, die Saiten auf dem Boden ruhen zu lassen. Wenn die Pflanze größer wird, lassen sie die Fäden von selbst aus dem Topf fallen.
    Patrick Krämer - 18. Mai 2022
    Made it through shipping pretty much undamaged, only lost the tip of one vine. Already putting out new growth a few days after receiving and repotting.
    Chevelle Portier - 12. März 2021
    Order arrived quickly and well-packaged. Unfortunately, its leaves were stuck in the packaging and much soil had fallen out. I have about 3 strings so I hope it will grow well so it will look like in the advertised picture :)
    Emma More - 31. Januar 2021
    Plants arrived a little too wet, but in nice condition. I bought two and potted them together, they are looking happy.
    Alison Murray - 15. Januar 2021
    Just received this, arrived exactly like the picture. Packaging used is great!
    SONIAMAZ - 08. Januar 2021
    Lovely baby plant
    Charlene David - 20. Dezember 2020
    So happy to have this baby plant...I have mine since one month et she’s growing very fast
    Krisztina Kaiser - 14. Dezember 2020
    I love this shop so much and their customer service is excellent, but now I give 4 stars only because this baby plant was much smaller than the pictured one, it's strings were much shorter. But overall I'm happy with my purchase.
    Maratgaroby - 02. Dezember 2020
    Just got my order and this plant was in a good state but very very small even for a baby plant. - 14. November 2020
    well packaged and arrived fast. a bit tinier than the picture but still very cute and alive. I ordered 5 baby plants and this is the first one to grow new leaves. will ordered more definitely.
    Stacey Henry - 13. November 2020
    The soil was too wet, so the vines started rotting and my plant unfortunately died. I was given a full refund though, and would still order other plants from the site as I have many other plants from here that have done well.
    Ugne Balciunaite - 05. November 2020
    The plant truly is tiny, but gorgeous. Mine had two strings and a full top upon arrival. Just received it and it's already growing new vines. Seems the cold travel didn't affect it negatively at all! I imagine this would make a great gift, such a fuss-free plant.
    emxly3903 - 27. Oktober 2020
    Didn't have any strings only a few small leaves growing upwards, some of the bottom leaves have rotted but survived the trip, just really bare
    Elisabelle Gerard - 19. Oktober 2020
    Toute mignonne, il vaut mieux en prendre 2 pour avoir quelque chose de plus fourni
    Melanie Sukič - 15. Oktober 2020
    It arrived in excellent condition! I ordered just one, but I became one extra
    carolborj - 01. Oktober 2020
    I ordered 2 babies but one had a sparse strings, 3 strings to be exact and bald on top the other one was quite ok with 5 strings and fuller on top
    Sarah - 26. September 2020
    This little plant is so gorgeous! Sadly, my little baby only had two super short and sparse "strings", unlike the babyplant shown in this picture - but otherwise in great condition. But I have only had it for about two weeks now and it has already grown tremendously! I can't wait to be able to put it in a bit bigger pot and hang it up!
    Zsofia Margitai - 14. September 2020
    Really cute plant! I ordered it in last month. She arrived in great condition, and since then she has brought a lot of new heart! :)
    krikkia - 01. September 2020
    Plants arrived in excellent condition, the only one who doesn’t seem to have felt the trip in this hot August. and here are new leaves. Love! :-)
    Nounn - 30. August 2020
    Vraiment très très petite, beaucoup plus petite que sur la photo. De plus avait des feuilles et tiges mortes. Très jolie plante mais très décue par le rapport qualité prix.
    hazyhazy - 26. August 2020
    Fantastic little plant, just like the picture. Great value.

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