Clarinervium Anthurium

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    about this plant

    Die Anthurium Clarinervium stammt aus Südmexiko. Diese Pflanze ist an den großen herzförmigen Blättern mit samtiger Oberfläche zu erkennen. Die Anthurium Clarinervium ist eine grüne Zimmerpflanze, die für ihre auffälligen Blattadern bekannt ist. Diese Adern ähneln grauweißen Adern, die durch das Blatt gehen. Daher der Spitzname Aderpflanze.

    • diameter15cm
    • height±40cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner
    Die Anthurium Clarinervium mag einen schönen hellen Standort, aber nicht im direkten Sonnenlicht. Sie mag feuchtes Substrat, aber pass auf, dass du ihr nicht zu viel Wasser gibst. Gieß sie am besten mit Wasser auf Zimmertemperatur, darüber freut sie sich! Gib ihr im Frühling und Sommer, der Wachstumsphase, regelmäßig zusätzlich etwas Bio-PLNTS-Dünger, damit sie schön wachsen kann.
    Sophie L - 31. Mai 2022
    It came with such a big root system and is growing so fast!
    Vanessa - 06. Mai 2022
    Siete il
    Lara - 08. April 2022
    Arrived just as it is shown in the picture. Beautiful addition to my collection.
    Caiting Cao - 17. September 2020
    It arrived in perfect condition!! Such a unique and beautiful plant !!
    Zsofia Margitai - 14. September 2020
    Wonderful plant! I received it in really good condition in last month. Since then a beautiful big new leaf has grown. I am impressed with this plant!
    Andrea torres sanchez - 25. August 2020
    Biggest anthurium ever! It’s actually two anthuriums together! In total I had 8 leaves and only one was a bit damaged but the others were very healthy
    Anca Dragoe - 23. August 2020
    It arrived in excellent condition. One very beautiful plant !!!
    Isa - 22. August 2020
    Mine had only two bigger leaves and one tiny leaf which didn't grow bigger since arrival. Thanksfully one new big leaf has grown out after two months.
    tresormakonga - 21. August 2020
    Plant received quicky in a more than good condition with all 5 leaves very good
    lanarose - 14. August 2020
    Orderd on tuesday evening and arrived Friday morning
    SARAH MARFEUILLE - 05. August 2020
    Arrivée en parfait état avec 4-5 feuilles et une fleur, elle m'a refait 2 feuilles depuis que je l'ai. Elle est splendide !
    Ecaterina Platinda - 01. August 2020
    The plant arrived safe and spotless! I am very pleased. Thank you
    Serena Maniscalco - 01. August 2020
    Spedizione veloce, imballaggio eccellente. Quattro foglie perfette e un fiore con stelo danneggiato dall'imballaggio (ma non ero interessato al fiore di questa pianta). Sono molto soddisfatta
    Leentje Dreesen - 30. Juli 2020
    Arrived with 3 perfect leaves, very happy with this plant.
    Davide Magtibay - 24. Juli 2020
    this was my first order online and i have to admit that i was afraid. the plant just arrived and it is PERFECT! 4 leaves with 2 flowers too! the package was well made and i’m so so happy. thanks!
    Charlene David - 23. Juli 2020
    Je viens juste de recevoir ma plante...elle est magnifique, j’en suis déjà amoureuse !! Merci pour cet envoi plus que rapide ( reçu en 2 jours ) le soin que vous apportez à l’emballage est plus que parfait, mon Anthurium est arrivé sans être abîmé ! A bientôt pour une nouvelle commande sans hésitation !!
    anabeivide - 17. Juli 2020
    This plant came with all healthy leaves and looked so pretty. Just had to remove a big spider living among its leaves but that's all. highly recommended.
    Penni - 06. Juli 2020
    Arrived today and seems pretty healthy- I’m going to have to cut the biggest leaf off though as this one is damaged- and the roots are bursting out the bottom of the pot so I’ll repot soon. Overall very pleased
    Nancy gurhem - 04. Juli 2020
    Je viens de recevoir ma plante
    Maddy - 01. Juli 2020
    Very pretty plant. Did arrive with the newest leaf ripped in half (the missing half wasn’t in the box so must’ve happened before sending) and totally damaged. However came with 3 healthy leaves.

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