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    über diese Pflanze

    Die Aglanonema Red Valentine (Baby) ist eine besondere Babypflanze und lässt jeden innehalten, um sich in ihrem reichen Laub zu verlieren. Sie sieht aus wie ein lebendes Kunstwerk. Die Red Valentine hat grüne Blätter mit rosa Sprenkeln, die einen schönen Kontrast zu den dunkelgrünen Blättern bilden. Die Farben sind anfangs eher rosa und werden mit zunehmendem Alter der Blätter röter. Die gute Nachricht bei diesem Baby ist, dass es mit Ihrer Pflege noch viel größer wird! 

    • Durchmesser6cm
    • Höhe±15cm
    • liebthalbschattig
    • VorteileLuftreiniger

    Helles, indirektes Sonnenlicht ist optimal und trägt dazu bei, dass die Baby Red Valentine die schönen roten und rosa Farben auf ihren Blättern hervorbringt und gut wächst. Achten Sie nur darauf, dass die Aglaonema nicht in der prallen Sonne steht, die Blätter können verbrennen und das wollen Sie vermeiden! Diese Pflanze verträgt auch einen Standort mit wenig Licht, aber die Farben der Blätter sind dann nicht so intensiv und schön. Achten Sie außerdem darauf, dass die Blumenerde leicht feucht bleibt, denn wie die meisten Pflanzen mag auch dieses Baby keine nassen Füße! Im Winter ist es besser, die Blumenerde ein wenig austrocknen zu lassen, bevor man wieder gießt.

    Alle Pflegetipps von Aglaonema ansehen
    alicia - 04. Dezember 2022
    amazing : arrived with seven beautiful leaves! four big leaves have a looot of pink on them its really cute!
    Jennifer Gruca - 25. Oktober 2022
    Wunderschöne Farben
    Halina Belzek - 18. November 2021
    Amazing, highly recomended
    Sara Ståhl - 24. Oktober 2021
    Love this plant! Mine had more leaves than piqrure and was in good condition at arrival. Seems to like living in my home
    Vitor Cruz - 28. März 2021
    (First of all, this plant isn’t an aglaonema pink princess! Those are usually pricey and it would be super rare to find an online retailer without a waiting list for that particular variation of aglaonema. I was aware of this before ordering, and the plant in the photo IS the plant you receive, so it doesn’t matter much unless you’re specifically looking for a pink princess!) Arrived to Ireland quickly and in healthy condition! Lost a leaf or two after a week of settling in, but she’s sprouting new growth like there’s no tomorrow! Also, I’ve been trying to figure out the actual variation type this is, as someone else mentioned in a review it could be pink Aurora, but the plant I received definitely has much brighter pink and a lot of beautiful mottling that isn’t usually present in pink Aurora. I’m at a loss as of right now, but the closest resemblance i found to my plant is “spotted star aglaonema”. Definitely recommend this little plant!!
    Maria Ibanez Sabate - 18. März 2021
    The plant didn't arrive in great conditions. Brownish/yellowish levels. I hope it recovers not sure if it will survive
    Rasha Suliman - 14. März 2021
    So cute. love it
    Sanshin-hh - 17. Januar 2021
    I'm just in love with this plant. Besides great service and quick delivery, I have to say that the quality of the plants is amazing. I received a healthy beautiful and VERY pink aglaonema. More beautiful than in the picture. No leaves were damaged during trasport. I can't wait to see it growing.
    Sundinska - 04. Dezember 2020
    I think this is a Pink Aurora(?). Arrived in fantastic condition, and I'm very pleased with it so far.
    Majam - 01. Dezember 2020
    Arrived in great condition. I love it.
    Aleksandra Glebicka - 30. November 2020
    Im pretty sure this is pink splash , still , very happy with how healthy it arrived.
    River Darling - 16. November 2020
    Plant looked like like the photo; two pink leaves, one green. I changed soil and washed roots and about 2 weeks later its slowly putting out signs its thinking about a new leaf. Very, very slow growing, but it seems happy enough!
    Lina Maniusyte - 08. November 2020
    like picture. Really nice pant.
    StijnB - 31. Oktober 2020
    Fast, very good packaging, arrived in top condition. I also think Pink Princess is not the variety. It must be another name, can it be "Red Valentine", "Pink Splash",...
    Melanie Sukič - 15. Oktober 2020
    It arrived in excellent condition!
    Maybe the name is not ok - 31. August 2020
    Super pretty, but I don't believe that it's name is Pink Princess, I can't find anywhere this reference for this Aglaonema, and there are not enough care advices here
    Jhoanna Lindgren - 18. August 2020
    One of the favorites.

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