Philodendron Moonlight

Philodendron Moonlight
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    about this plant
    With her dramatic range of neon greens and yellows, the baby Philodendron Moonlight knows how to make an entrance. Her spear-shaped leaves seem to radiate light, which is perhaps why she earned her name! Like almost every Philodendron, she is easy to care for and will grows into a fully-fledged livingroom plant in no time.
    • diameter2cm
    • height±20cm
    • lovespartly shady
    The Philodendron Moonlight (Baby) is not a difficult type. She loves light, but doesn't place her in the sun. Keep the soil slightly moist and make her happy from time to time with a soft spray shower from your plant spray. Give a little organic PLNTS once every two months in the summer and the Baby Philodendron Moonlight will grow into your favourite living room plant.
    Richard Braun - February 17, 2022
    Sehr guter Zustand, Sehr dicht bewachsen
    Maria Ibanez Sabate - April 15, 2021
    Super dense and packed. Many leave damage, other seems to be fine. Trying to figure out what's best for the plant.
    Katarína HOLLA - February 25, 2021
    Baby moonlight came very small and in not very good condition.The leaves were very small,even thou there seemed to be some new growth, its been almost two weeks and still seems to be struggling. Leaves are yellowing right upon growth.
    Emma More - January 25, 2021
    Still figuring out what it likes, but it's a really cute plant baby. I am happy with it, tho some leaves were damaged, but only the bottom ones.
    Stefania - January 01, 2021
    A fully deserved 5 stars! This was my first time purchasing plants online outside my country (Portugal) and was a bit nervous about it. But what a great experience with PLNTS! The package arrived super fast, 2 days after despatched (what a perfect ghift for New Year's Eve, right?) and all the plants were in perfect condition. Philodendron Moonlight is gorgeous, bigger than I expected, with no leaves loss and no damages. Good job PLNTS team and a very happy New Year ! You definitely won a loyal customer.
    Lina - December 21, 2020
    Not like photo, it was tiny. Died within week. Look for more established and mature plants. Don't waste your money.
    Alexandra CHUVATIN - November 24, 2020
    Very pretty. Beautiful color, and I received 1 little plant with 2 tiny ones at its base.
    Sarah Shaw - November 14, 2020
    This plant is adorable! The plant size in the photo is accurate. It arrived a little dirty from displaced soil but that was easily cleaned up so no big deal. It did look a little sad when it arrived, but nothing too bad, just a little floppy, I don't think it liked being in the post. I did order this plant during the colder months so that may have also upset the plant. However, its been a couple of days now and its looking very happy. Very pleased with this plant!
    Lisa Schlossarek - November 13, 2020
    After reading the other reviews I was a bit worried that mine might die fast because when it arrived especially the stem seemed very weak. Handled with great care, after potting it up it recovered quite fast and now, two weeks later, it's healthy and growing and a whole new bright yellow-green leaf has unfolded already! Very happy
    Jana - October 17, 2020
    I ordered three of them and all thrive! There were even more plants in one pot, which was a great surprise.
    JBK - October 11, 2020
    Arrived in great shape with a few little plants in the small pot which I wasn’t expecting!!
    Louma Sader - September 14, 2020
    Arrived sopping wet with root rot and weak leaves, unfortunately died within a couple of days. Sadly, it was too small and too wet to survive although I still potted it up in quality soil and did my best to help it recover.
    Jhoanna Lindgren - August 18, 2020
    Really beautiful, we had trouble with the parcel so they are struggling.. might try to order them again.
    teashaped - July 20, 2020
    Sadly I have to agree with the other reviewer. I was given two of these, I suspect because one wasn't looking too hot so PLNTS wanted to give me a chance to save this plant. It did not do well at all. Over the coming weeks the leaves just fell off and also had root rot. This was on both of them. I have bits without roots that might re-root, but I highly doubt it because it's so small. I was given a refund and may give this plant another shot in my next order, but they need to send out better quality ones.
    Shei Moin - July 16, 2020
    The plant itself is a beauty but it wasn't the healthiest of plants. It seems the stress of transport and new environment was a bit too much and it unfortunately died after a couple of weeks.
    Lucy Heuer - July 12, 2020
    Beautiful Plant, lovely roots - recommended!

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