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    about this plant

    The Philodendron family is very broad, but the Philodendron birkin is perhaps the most remarkable of the bunch. This incredibly beautiful plant can be instantly recognised by the fine light-coloured stripes on her dark green leaves, which look as if they were added by the delicate hand of an artist. The new leaves, which appear from the top of the plant, are a lot lighter than the lower leaves and provide a beautiful contrasting range of tones that will compliment every home.

    • diameter11cm
    • height±25cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • care leveleasy
    • benefitsair cleaner

    Like all Philodendrons the Birkin needs a lot of light but prefers to avoid direct sunshine. It is a slow but steady grower, and if given a nice spot to live will slowly increase in size over a long period of time. Make sure that the soil in her pot remains slightly moist, but be careful to avoid over-watering- she has delicate roots and doesn’t like having wet feet!

    Giorgia - March 24, 2022
    It arrived so healthy, compact, fresh and happy! The soil seems very good. There are two new leaves coming out. Can't wait for her to grow :)
    Juliana Aalderink - November 08, 2021
    So much bigger than I expected! It really needed a bigger pot! Though it was impossible to separate the old earth from the roots so I didn't even try. Hopefully it will like its new home, the plant is really really beautiful!
    May Mansoor - October 22, 2021
    Really love this plant. It arrived with nice packing and Boxes. Birkin come with lot of love when they sending it. Thank you.
    mamhy_plants - February 25, 2021
    Nice plant. It arrived with a little displaced soil but looking good otherwise. Now it is pushing a couple of new leaves so I'm quite pleased with it!
    Nadine Janz - January 13, 2021
    Supi schön ☺️
    Julien Millet - November 20, 2020
    Très jolie plante, avec de belles couleurs blanches sur les feuilles du dessus. Le colis avait été malmené par la poste, mais la plante avait été suffisamment bien emballée pour ne pas subir de chocs. Je recommande !
    Sarah Shaw - November 14, 2020
    This plant is so beautiful! It came in perfect condition other than being a little dirty from displaced soil. Since it arrived it has been cleaned and is looking absolutely gorgeous!
    Elisabelle Gerard - October 19, 2020
    Tres grande, en bonne santé. Un plaisir
    Gladys Malouda - August 21, 2020
    Fantastic plants! Received without any problem.
    tresormakonga - August 21, 2020
    Received a big and beautiful plant in a great shape. Biggest than the pictured

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