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Macodes Petola

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about this plant

An amazing plant that looks like it has been struck by lightning, the Jewel Orchid Macodes Petola. This is a very special plant that not only has an awesomely patterned leaf, but also a very soft texture. This tissue culture cutting is an absolute asset to your collection and will put your skills to the test! She may be tiny at the moment, but if you give her the right care and lots of love, you will soon have a beautiful plant! Tissue culture is not something most PLNTSparents know much about, so we have created a blog to give you all the right information to get started: 'Experiment with us and our tissue culture!'. This blog will support you in growing this plant into its mature and lush form!

All Tissue Culture items are wrapped in paper, be careful when unpacking your box.

  • diameter3cm
  • height±13cm
  • pet friendlynon-toxic

This lightning baby will be sent in a culture tube, you can leave her in it until she is about 7-8 centimeters tall. The substance in the tube will provide her with all the energy she will need in the coming period. Once you have to take her out, we recommend that you put her in a terrarium. After all, she is used to her safe and comfortable environment in the tube, and taking her out into the real world would be a step too far. You can fill the terrarium with a 50/50 mix of orchid soil and moss, which is a soft base for the roots to develop well. The orchid soil also contains a lot of nutrients, so you don't have to worry about anything. Before planting her inside the cutting soil, you should rinse off the 'gel' from her roots. Now you can watch your tiny plant grow into its adult version!

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Betina Møller Nielsen - July 21, 2022
I have been looking for a Macodes Petola for so long and I finally found it! I'm so in love with it and the TC technology is so cool and give the plant a perfect start

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!