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    about this plant

    The Hoya Carnosa Tricolor is a beautiful plant with thick leaves. These leaves have a green outerline and a cream center, sometimes this cream center can even be pink! Which makes the plant look super playful. This colourful plant can even grow some wax flowers for you! These are white with a pinkish center, which matches the plant perfectly. These flowers have an amazing scent. Which makes her not only a delight for your eyes, but also for your nose. :)

    • diameter12cm
    • height±25cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner

    Since this Hoya has some parts that are not green, she will need some more light to compensate for this. This is because the lighter parts can’t generate any energy for the plant. The Carnosa grows as an epiphyte in nature, which means that she has the ability to grow on top of other plants instead in soil. In our urban jungle this results in her needing a special soil mix, our Epiphytes potting mix kit contains all the substrates to make her feel right at home. She needs to be watered whenever the top of this soil mix is beginning to feel dry. She is more likely to survive underwatering, rather than overwatering. So make sure to be gentle with the amount of water. Lastly she will love some humidity of 60% or higher. By doing this the chance is big she will produce those amazing smelling flowers for you!

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    Lærke Petersen - October 25, 2022
    I got a pretty plant
    Martin Andersen - October 11, 2022
    Love the colors this Hoya can make on the leaves. Healthy and strong plant received! :)
    Hélder Lopes - July 27, 2022
    Superb! Very beautiful and healthy. Enchanted

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