Biological pest control: mealybugs

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

Biological pest control: mealybugs€14.00
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

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    Do you see white fluff in the leaf axils and on the stems of your houseplant? Then your plant probably suffers from mealy bugs. In doubt if your plants suffer from them? Check our PLNTS doctor page!

    Mealybugs are seen as a difficult pest. A few mealybugs here and there are not usually an immediate danger, but when the population gets too big, your plants are at risk of becoming sick and even dying!

    Cryptolaemus montrouzieri, natural enemies of the mealybugs, to the rescue! These are very young (larvae) and hungry ladybirds that will protect your plant against mealy bugs (very occasionally scale insects too) for about a month. We also call these saviours wolves in sheep's clothing. After all, they look rather like mealybugs. They have a white fluffy back and can therefore also easily be seen with the naked eye. In optimal conditions, these rescuers can eat up to 250 mealybugs. Yes, they are really hungry! By using these rescuers, you are using the natural way of pest control, and that's a good thing!

    We supply a handy little box with these rescuers. You can empty the contents of the sachet, about 30 young ladybirds, into this box and then hang the box in your plant that is suffering from mealy bugs. These rescuers like to walk upwards, so hang the box low in the plant, but of course close to the pest. You need at least one bag per 1 m2 of surface area of plants.
    A one-time application does not guarantee that mealybugs will disappear from the plants forever. In case of a large infestation we therefore recommend to release a sachet of these rescuers every other month.

    Please note: handle the sachet carefully and do not squeeze it, this may damage the ladybirds. These saviours like high humidity. You can help them by lightly spraying the plant. These fluffy bugs only stay on your plants so don't be afraid to find them all over your house. They will eventually die or grow into a real ladybird. You can then easily take the ladybird outside or they will find their way out on their own.

    Check our blogfor even more tips on these natural and biological pest controllers.

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