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    about this plant

    The baby Alocasia Silver Dragon is such a special plant and, contrary to what her name might suggest, she certainly does not have a dragon-like temper, just like her sister the Pink Dragon. This beautiful houseplant stands out because of its beautiful broad-grained leaves, which are inlaid with a stunning matt metallic silver pattern. The Alocasia Silver Dragon is happy anywhere in your home, so long as she’s not left in direct sunlight.

    • diameter2cm
    • height±10cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner
    Zanett - September 15, 2022
    Lovely plant!
    Matteo Belluomini - July 11, 2022
    Really tiny! 4 stars only for the underdeveloped root system. Has 3 leaves, are enough
    Nete Andersen - May 20, 2022
    came with 4 leafs, however two of them has what looked to be older damaged. i am however not too concerned with this as in my expercience they will shed the older leafs to grow new, bigger ones anyway. it has settled nicely after potting
    Maria Ibanez Sabate - April 12, 2021
    This is a tiny beauty!! I love it so much. My plant arrived with 2 leaves but very soon the third pop out and the four is on the way looking majestic. I'm really enjoying seeing this plant grow.
    Adele Biddulph - April 05, 2021
    My plant had 4 leaves with a 5th one coming out, and healthy roots. Unfortunately the new growth has yellowed slightly, but nothing unexpected after being shipped.
    Malin Grünberg - January 20, 2021
    Arrived in good condition and is already unfurling a new leaf. Very pretty, can’t wait for it to grow
    Rieksma - December 08, 2020
    Andrea torres sanchez - September 01, 2020
    I ordered 3 of these. they are quite small. two were ok but the 3rd one only had two tiny leaves and one died the day after it arrived, hope it will survive with only one leaf. i think plants with only tiny 2 leaves its not very good to sell it.. but others had like 4-5 and growing!
    pflaunzn.madl - August 31, 2020
    2 small leaves were broken off, but it looks so beautiful nevertheless!
    Caiting Cao - August 29, 2020
    I have ordered 11 baby plants in one order, all arrived in great conditions, very healthy looking!! I love it, very happy !!
    Anca Dragoe - August 23, 2020
    They arrived in excellent condition!! Small and very cute !!!
    Isa - August 22, 2020
    one stem was damaged, so I had to remove it, another leaf was sadly cut in half. but since then a beautiful new leaf, which is bigger than all the other ones, has grown
    Jhoanna Lindgren - August 18, 2020
    Arrived in great conditions, really pretty baby plant!
    PriyaRobert - August 16, 2020
    Arrived in a good condition
    Dominika Sudra - August 03, 2020
    Plant has arrived in perfect condition! Extremely pleased with this order! :) beautiful plant!
    Maja - July 26, 2020
    this is one of my favorite plants! I ordered two a few months ago, now they got really big compared to when they first arrived, it's fascinating to see the new leaves getting bigger and the colors getting more intense/ stronger. this plant looks really beautiful

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