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Spring is here…
and your babies are hungry!

The best time to grow with the flow
From March til October your plants need plenty of tasty nutrition, so this is the perfect time to give them a weekly mix of minerals and fertilizers! Based on our experience and love for plants, we have created the perfect blend of exactly what they need.

Our PLNTS food is stuffed with nutrients that can be absorbed directly by the roots, meaning really fast results. This magic potion will build strength, boost growth and reduce stress. It’s 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and even comes in a recyclable bottle. Love your PLNTS, love your planet! Plus it’s super concentrated- this bottle might look small, but it will last a loooong time.

250 ml – will feed your PLNTS for seven months*
500 ml – will feed your PLNTS for over a year!*

*calculated with one litre of water per use

The PLNTS Nutrition is also very suitable for semi hydro.


For awesome growth use 8 ml of product in 1 liter of water weekly or every two weeks. In winter time, reduce the amount to 4ml per 1 liter water.

Why your PLNTS will love it

What makes the magic

N Nitrogen 5,50 %, P2O5 Phosphorus Pentoxide 1,70 %, K2O Potassium oxide 4,00 %, CaO Calcium oxide 4,30 %, MgO Magnesium oxide 3,20 %
Nitrogen (N) is key to your plant’s healthy growth and respiration
Phosphate (P) ensures good seed formation and supports root structure
Potassium (K) helps create strong cells and ensures a good water balance
Magnesium (Mg) keeps leaves looking luscious
Calcium (Ca) helps build tough stems and branches for a sturdy plant

The PLNTS nutrition has a high concentration of N-P-K (6–2-4), which is expertly calibrated and higher than most other brands! In addition PLNTS nutrition is also packed full of trace elements. They have a weird name, but these little guys are key to ensuring that all the vital processes in your plant work optimally. They help with the formation of flowers and fruits, as well as supporting the uptake and processing of nitrogen by your plant. These ingredients are iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn) and molybdenum (Mo).

plant care


How can I tell if my plants are hungry?
If your plant is looking dull or droopy, does not flower or is very slow to grow, it might need some additional nutrition. We recommend not waiting for it to become a problem though- by proactively feeding plants well and regularly you will prevent harm and keep them happy and strong.
How much PLNTS nutrition do my plants need?

Add 8ml of the liquid nutrient to a litre of water and then water your plants with this nurturing mixture. Between October and February your plants need less food because the winter will slow their metabolisms, so during this time you should only add 4ml.

Different types of plant need different amounts of water, so we recommend that you check the care description of your specific plant to see what is recommended.

How often do I need to use PLNTS nutrition?

For spectacular growth and top conditioning we recommend feeding PLNTS Nutrition every two weeks.

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