PLNTS doctor set

Hi there, new PLNTSparent!

You're a proud owner of our PLNTSparent kit, that means you have everything to make sure your plants should live happily ever after! The only key to success is using the products the right way. Of course we're here to help you with that. Time to tell you what every product is meant for and how to use it.


PLNTS nutrition (250 ml)

PLNTS Nutrition is suitable for all indoor plants. For spectacular growth and top conditioning we recommend feeding PLNTS Nutrition every two weeks. Add 8ml of the liquide nutrition to a litre of water and then water your plants with this nurturing mixture. Between October and February your plants need less nutrition because the winter will slow their metabolisms, so during this time you should only add 4ml.

Rooting powder.png

Rooting powder

This rooting powder will make your cuttings root better, so let's boost those roots! After you’ve cut the ideal cutting from the mother plant, you have to moist the bottom of the cutting. Then dip the bottom about 1 to 2 cm into the cutting powder. It is important to tap off the excess powder carefully. Now, your cutting is ready to be put in the soil, let the growing begin!


PLNTS Clip Ruby

Plant Clip Ruby ensures that the pretty leaves of your plant will keep her head high. Clip her together with another stem or a bamboo stick and she will give your plant strength and a direction for growing. The package contains 20 pieces and because of its small size and her dark colour, she will not be noticed between the beautiful leaves of your roommate.


PLNTS Binder Ruby

Plant Binder Ruby can easily bend because of her iron wire. This way you can use her as binding material so you can shape your plant any way you like. With fragile stems, it is better to use a bamboo stick or a plant stake so your plant has something strong to hold on to. The package contains 20 pieces and because of its small size and her dark colour, she will not be noticed between the beautiful leaves of your roommate.

Water meter.png

Tessa Water Meter (M)

This water meter of 18cm shows you whether your beauty has had enough water or if she needs it. Insert the Tessa Water Meter vertically into the soil. The colour of the meter will turn blue when the plant has had enough water. When the colour turns white again, your friend is thirsty. Tessa lasts about 6-9 months, then she needs to be replaced.

Pruning shears.png

Edward Pruning shears

Make sure that you always disinfect the blades of the scissors before using. This prevents you from transferring plant diseases to other plants by means of the scissors. With this little one you can easily do the fine, precise work like cutting off a small branch, dry leaf or flowers, so the rest of your plant gets all the energy and nutrition she needs! Clean the scissors after use with warm water and pat the blades dry, so the shears will last a long time!

Plant stake.png

PLNTS name tag

Believe us when we say that you're not the only one that gives names to their plants. As a true PLNTSlover we can imagine it's hard to remember all of them. But don't worry.. our cute wooden PLNTS name tag will help you with that! Write down the name on the plug and put it in the soil of your green beauty. This way everyone knows how to call her!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!