Iresine leaves

Iresine (Bloodleaf plant)

Iresine is a subfamily in the Amaranthaceae family and consists mostly of flowering plants. The genus contains 20 to 25 species, and these beauties are native to the American tropical location. Also called “Bloodleaf” plant for the beautiful color of the most popular species in the genus, Iresine are widely cultivated as ornamental plants. The Iresine plants are undemanding plants with a beautiful appearance. They can have so many different colours and this makes each plant special.

Iresine plant care tips

Light and placement for Iresine

As with most colourful plants, their light requirements are important. The light level always influences the brightness of the colour of the leaves. Your Iresine will need plenty of bright light to keep her leaves beautifully coloured. Bright light of course does not mean hours of direct sunlight, so an east or west-facing window is the best possible spot. Be careful if the sun gets too bright, though, to prevent burning.


The genus Iresine contains many thirsty plants. Watering your Iresine plant vigorously every week is the best option. It prevents frequent watering and allows the roots to thrive. As with any other plant, the need for water in winter is not as great as in summer or spring. The soil of your Iresine should stay a little wet each time, don't let it dry out completely.


Yeah, we know… Iresines are pretty much everything! Beautiful, Thirsty and… Hungry, of course! Adding our PLNTS Nutrition every two weeks will help your plant lady to flourish. In Spring and Summer, during the growing season, you can fertilize your beauty. In winter, it’s not necessary.

Iresine plant

Propagating Iresine

The propagation of Iresine is quite simple. The easiest way to propagate Iresine is to cut a stem of at least 10 cm long with at least 3 leaves on the stem. Cutting these stems with a clean and sharp pair of pruning shears is easiest. After potting the cuttings, they quickly develop roots.

Most common pests on Iresine

Iresine plants are sensitive to pests like mealybugs, aphids, scales or even whiteflies. These pesky insects will focus on the soft and young part of your green baby. To see them, as they are terribly tiny, you need to have keen eyes or a magnifying glass. But don’t worry, these pests are manageable, to know more about it you can check our PLNTSdoctor page to recognise and eliminate your plant pests! If you are interested in biologic pest control, you can take a look at our blog.

Are Iresine plants poisonous for your pets or children?

You will be super happy to know that the plants in the Iresine genus are safe for children and pets! But be careful, because the sap can still be a cause of skin irritation like itchiness. But if your children or pets decide to take a bite of your green beauty, chewing or ingesting part of the plant is not dangerous.

Iresine plant for sale

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Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!