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The best gifts for plant lovers: 15 gifts from €10 to €150

Gift season awaits and that means it’s time for present-shopping! We know that finding the right gift for your friends and family can be daunting. Whether you want to spend €10,- or €150,-, there’s a perfect gift for everyone. We've pulled together some of our favourite gifts at different price points to help you surprise your loved ones!

Gift ideas under €10,-

PLNTS gift card

As we all might know, not everyone has the same taste, or sometimes it's hard to know how good someone's plant care skills are. That's why this is the perfect gift! The person that receives the gift card can choose the ideal plant, pot or care product for themselves. We offer gift cards with a value of €10, €25 & €50.

PLNTSlover merchandise

Looking for a perfect gift for plant lovers under €10,-? We got you covered with these unique PLNTS items! These products are extra special and you will not find them anywhere else. They are made with love and care, which makes them perfect to give as a present!

Plant socks

Another great tip if you are looking for Christmas presents under €10,- are these plant lover must-haves! Socks are often a cheesy gift, but with these pairs we know that you will have the perfect gift for plant and animal lovers. Our socks are available in multiple sizes!


We offer the most beautiful plants for every budget, even if you are looking for plants under €10,-! The smallest plants in our shop are called BabyPLNTS and make the perfect gift for PLNTSparents. With a baby plant, you give your receiver the challenge to nurse them into big, healthy and thriving houseplants, how nice is that?!

Gift ideas under €25,-

Scented candles

In case you missed the big news: we’ve added a whole line of candles to our shop! Especially scented candles are perfect Christmas gifts as they enhance the warm and cosy vibes that the season brings. What’s really special about our scented candles, is that they are eco-friendly, vegan and made of natural materials!

Best selling PLNTS

If you are looking for a plant that your plantfriend will love, look no further! These beauties are all in our bestseller list, which means they are the perfect pick if you want to impress your friends or family. Besides being bestsellers, they have nice prices too!

Eco-friendly and sustainable pots

With every plant comes a pot! Did you know that almost all our pots are eco-friendly, sustainable and produced by local people throughout Europe? Besides giving your plantfriend a perfect pot, you are also supporting makers from all over the world!

Gift ideas under €50,-

Terrazzo planter DIY

The Holidays are the perfect time for a fun and relaxing DIY. Give the lucky receiver one of the cutest projects ever: a homemade pot for their green babies! With this DIY kit, you get to work with plaster, colours of pigments, a pot mould and everything else you need to make your own terrazzo pot! Such a cool gift, right!?


Plant books are the perfect gift for your plant loving friends! Not only are they full of inspiration and tips, they also look fantastic as a decor piece in a green interior. We have different books available in English, German, French and Dutch.

Fun candles & holders

Our newest and coolest addition to our shop: we are talking about our line of fun candles! These are the candles in special, unique shapes and cool colours. A real trend and true addition to every interior. The perfect gift for your interior loving friends!

Gift ideas under €100,-


Want to surprise your plant loving friend with a BIG gift? Our bigger plants are the perfect present. Yes, it will be hard putting these beauties under the Christmas tree, so we suggest giving these big plants straight upon arrival. It's hard to keep a present anyway, right?

Plant sets

If one plant is just not enough, plant sets are the perfect gift! Whether your plant friend already has an extensive collection or could use some more greenery: these plant sets are the perfect addition to every indoor jungle. Besides that, they also have some great benefits..!

Set of your favourite candles

Looking for a gift that you actually can put under the Christmas tree? We suggest a set of candles! Mix and match with different shapes, sizes and heights to make your own perfect candle set. A bunch of candles give every dining table, site table or windowsill a warm and cosy vibe!

Gift ideas under €150,-


To make every plant lovers' biggest Christmas wish come true, we suggest surprising them with a new rare plant. These RarePLNTS are the hidden gems of our shop and make the perfect collectors items for all plants fans!

Kingsize PLNTS

Our list of gifts wouldn't be complete without these big beauties! These XXL plants are the perfect replacement once we get rid of our Christmas tree! Time to surprise the plantlover in your life BIG time.


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